SportagŪ Fitness and Martial Arts Mat 20 mm (red-blue)

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Sportag Fitness and Martial Arts Mat

SportAG Puzzle Tatami and Martial Arts Mat represent the best available quality at the most affordable price. Ideal for Fitness and Martial Arts.

Quality 20 mm thick, made of EVA foam, which does not contain toxic components.

Perfect for: Fitness, Workouts, Aerobic and Martial Arts (Karate, Kick-Box, Thai Box, Aikido, Taekwondo, Boxing and Play Areas).

Mats are reversible with blue on one side and red on the other. Developed for martial arts, aerobics and fitness sports, this mat is made of environmentally safe EVA foam. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam is widely used in sports and is impervious to dirt due to its closed cell structure. In addition, this sports mat is characterized by its good heat and sound insulating properties.

Each puzzle mat has two border edges included (which are 2 to 2.5 cm wide), but cannot be ordered separately.

Advantages of a Tatami Puzzle Mat:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Perfect, even surface in 2 cm of thickness
  • Flexible, but at the same time a stable surface
  • durable and resistant
  • optimal shock absorbent properties
  • easy to transport
  • hygienic surface that is easily kept clean
  • odorless
  • reliable and long-lasting protection against bacteria and fungi
  • does not contain toxic materials
  • interlocking edges hold fast during sustained use
  • red-blue
Available mat sizes:
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm
  • EVA ( Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate )
Tested according to DIN EN 1177 impact absorption

Best price – Top quality

The mats are designed like puzzle pieces that form an interlocking system when assembled. Any surface can therefore be arbitrarily covered and extra pieces added or removed any time. The interlocking connections ensure that the pieces are securely held together and gaps don’t appear. Special edge and corner pieces can be separately bought to give the mat surface a clean sloping edge.
When covering spaces where the walls aren’t perpendicular the sides of the mat can be cut clean with a sharp craft knife (available in hardware stores).

If you’re buying martial arts mats to an existing surface you will want to make sure that the interlocking edges fit the existing mat edges.

Our team is at your disposal  for any technical questions or urgent orders you may have.

For larger orders we are able to ensure a discount. Please contact us with your request at

We supply mats to Austria and naturally, Germany.

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